All-Season Motorcycle

The All-Season Motorcycle (ASM) is a fully enclosed dedicated motorcycle that allows for year round highway operation. It is a spin-off of the TAS-102 Flying Motorcycle in that both have the same basic motorcycle platform. The ASM contains no flight components (wings, aircraft engine, propeller and avionics). By design however, with a certain amount of work, any ASM may be retrofitted for flight operations, if so desired.

As a wholly dedicated motorcycle, the ASM's teardrop shape is a laminar flow type design with excellent aerodynamics and a low coefficient of drag. Within its fully enclosed structure, both driver and passenger are completely protected from the outside elements, at all times. Because of the ASM's relatively light weight and excellent aerodynamics, use of clean and quiet electric power is a distinct consideration and will be offered as an alternative means of propulsion.

The ASM has three compartments: one for the driver, one for the passenger, and one for luggage. Two bulkheads separate the three sections. In addition to providing partitioning, the bulkheads offer enhanced structural integrity, which in turn helps ensure the utmost in occupant safety. For optimum comfort, the enclosed cabin will have automobile type climate control.

With bulkheads and fully backed seats, both driver and passenger are safely secured into place with automobile type seat-belt restraints. The ASM's enclosure also protects the occupants from making direct contact with the roadway surface and other outside objects should an unfortunate accident ever take place. Consequently, the ASM, with its bulkheads, restraints and protective enclosure will prove to be a much safer environment than an open motorcycle, which offers none of the ASM's built-in safety features.

The ASM has dual kickstands that are automatically activated and deployed anytime the ASM is moving at less than
10 miles per hour. Above this speed, they are automatically retracted. Redeployment occurs anytime speed goes back under 10 mph. This robust feature ensures that the 2-wheel ASM remains upright at all times.


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